Thursday, March 12, 2015

Interior Design

well , saja nak share what am i studying in MIA
before start sem 2 
we all have to start with foundation first 

masa foundation aku belajar 

  • interior design ( ofcourselah )
  • adf ( art and design fundamental bdk uitm mesti tau )
  • 3d ( more to 3d proj kene buat model )
  • art history ( more to history but fun because we will know
  •  wat is arts a decades ago)
  • english (hv to study it )
  • malaysian study ( the one tat we call sejarah in secondary school 
  • but they translate it into english)

then , in sem 2 its more tough
who those yg malas belajaq nresearch tu harus berubah

sem 2
ID n PRE-TECH more to how we hv to present id work
but environmental , building construction n history ID it is theory

but no prob, lect will teach you guys how to answer it
and it is not as difficult as we think